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Running the REST API

We can run the REST API by starting a Docker container or launching the backend server via the sbt tool.

1. Using Docker

docker run \
  --name="odinson-rest-api" \
  -it \
  --rm \
  -e "HOME=/app" \
  -p "" \
  -v "/path/to/data/odinson:/app/data/odinson" \

After starting the service, open your browser to localhost:9001.

NOTE: Replace /path/to/data/odinson with the path to the directory containing docs and index (created via AnnotateText and IndexDocuments runnables).

Logs can be viewed by running docker logs -f "odinson-rest-api"

2. Launching the Backend Server

The backend REST-API server is an independent application located in the “backend” folder. To launch the server, run the following command in the root folder:

sbt backend/run

Make sure to define the odinson.dataDir in the backend’s configuration file (backend/conf/application.conf).

The main advantage of launching the backend server over a prepackaged Docker image is that it gives us more direct control over the server’s configuration, which is particularly useful when a custom annotation pipeline is used and the indexed field names are different from the defaults (e.g. raw, lemma, tag).