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Indexing Odinson Documents

Once you have created Odinson Documents, you can create an Odinson index, the data structure that Odinson uses for executing queries.


Once again, you will specify the configurations in extra/src/main/resources/application.conf.

  • Ensure odinson.docDir directory contains annotated ai.lum.odinson.Documents (.json or .json.gz).
  • Ensure odinson.indexDir is pointing to where you want to create the index.
  • Note again, if you are using the typical directory structure (see above), you can simply ensure that odinson.dataDir = path/to/your/dataDir and the other paths will be correct.


sbt "extra/runMain ai.lum.odinson.extra.IndexDocuments"    

While annotating can be time-consuming, the creation of the index should be relatively less so, though again it’s dependent on the number and size of the documents.